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Picking a Wedding Band That Works With Your Engagement Ring

You should choose a wedding band and an engagement ring that complements one another without being too matchy-matchy. Let’s list down the pairings that work well together and useful tips for picking that will help you choose unique and beautiful combination.


  • Simple Solitaire –

Whether the cut is round, emerald, or princess — is the most protean style to match. While the bauble looks lovely along with nearly any wedding band, it is highly recommended to pair a thin pave diamond band with a simple solitaire for an added dose of sparkle and beauty.


  • Colored Stone –

If you planning to buy an engagement ring that features a colored stone in the centre, look for a wedding band that also incorporates that gem. A smart choice is investing in a band that alternates between white and coloured gemstones as it coordinates, and also never competes with the engagement ring.


  • Unusual Shape –

Uniquely and unsual shaped engagement rings have seen a trend and are widely accepted in recent years. So, it is important to choose wedding bands that complement and completely go along with the curves of the engagement ring so that the pair will lay flush on the finger.

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  • Pavé Band –

You will see this Pave Band engagement band trend widely recognized in last couple of years. So, for your wedding bands, make sure you choose a thin band that goes along with the engagement band and should be of same metal, but opt for a style that compliments the colored stones.


  • Stand-Out Design –

Some engagement rings when worn alone command more attention. If your engagement ring falls into this category, go without the traditional band completely, for the ring exchange part of ceremony use your engagement ring. But if you still want yo buy a wedding band select an equally stunning and eye catching band to wear on the right hand.


  • Vintage –

Vintage inspired rings often feature engraving, filigree, and other detailed and complicated designs. If that’s teh case give your ring pairing a cohesive feel by investing in a band that compliments the best design element from the engagement ring, such as the engraved flowers.


  • Three Stone –

If you have a three stone engagement ring then go for the wedding band that features the similarly cut gemstones as it will compliment the shine of the engagement ring on your hand.

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Make Relationships Grow Stronger With Wedding Bands

Your wedding rings is extremely important for you isn’t it? It always keeps on reminding you of your spouse and makes you feel the importance of your relationship. You wear it for the rest of your life so obviously it should be special. Blue Apple Jewelry understands the feelings and necessity to gift the perfect weeding band to your spouse. Let us describe about the wedding bands provided at Blue Apple Jewelry

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What are wedding bands?

The desires and likings of a man and women are quite different where women prefer their rings and jewelry should be presentable and big. On the other hand, men require ring to be simple yet classy. From here only the discovery of wedding band was been done. A wedding band is made up of just one metal and is generally devoid of other stones like diamond and sapphire. However, these days there is not huge difference between a wedding ring and wedding band.

As a status symbol and symbol of similarity, the wedding band these days holds major importance among the people. Are you looking for a wedding band then Blue Apple Jewelry is the ultimate destination for you. They have great variety of wedding bands which are made up of white gold or plain gold with diamonds into it. They have wide variety of bands for wedding which are available at the website of Blue Apple Jewelry. This range differs from variety to variety. All the items at Blue Apple Jewelry are processed and checked under strict rules and regulations.

In case if the customer wants to get the rings customized then they provide an option for that as well. The design and decoration is done according to the customers’ need and budget. Their team is well-experienced and trained that they always try to provide the best of designs to their customers. It is a direct jewelry manufacturing company so they provide the wedding band on a less price than rest of the stores you will get. Along with it, they also provide following features as their services:

  • They make customized wedding band according to the order made by the client; however, the price is high but still it is lower than the rest companies in the market.
  • They deliver high-end product.
  • They have 14 days to 30 days money back guarantee in case of any wear and tear in their products.
  • They never compromise with the quality of the product.

In conclusion, they know as weddings are the best time for anybody’s life so they work in order to provide the best quality and design of wedding band to their customers. Their executives are available for their clients all the time. Hope that you will use their jewelry someday at Blue Apple Jewelry.

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Why should you buy Wedding bands and Wedding Rings?

Wedding rings are those priciest possessions of a woman that they will never ever part with. So, when you going to buy a wedding ring for your would be wife, make sure that you give her something best, something beautiful and something that she will cherish. The good thing here is that wedding rings for women are now available online as well from where you can buy them at very reasonable cost. Wedding rings have changed a lot over time; they are not those simple round golden rings anymore as now designers have made extremely beautiful wedding rings for women combining gold and diamonds as well.


How to choose the best wedding ring for your lady love?

When it comes to choosing a wedding ring, then the best thing to do here would be to ask the woman you are marrying to come up and then both of you can sit and decide which one to buy. When it comes to buying the best wedding rings for women, the women themselves are the best person to choose what they like so leave it on them and you just need to pay. This, in other hand, will also help you to increase your bonding with her as she will feel that you value her because you let her choose what her wedding ring would be by herself. Well in case if you know what you would be wife like then you can surely go ahead and buy it yourself.

Why buy wedding rings for women online?

The wedding rings for women that you see on online stores are as good as the ones that you get in jewelry shops if not better as well. The online market for jewels is pretty huge and it’s sure that you will get something unique for yourself. The designers work hard every day to bring out a new design that is way better than the previous one. The web actually is an ocean of rings you can say as there are hundreds of jewelers selling thousands of products here. The main reason why people buy jewelry online is because they get variety here and most of the time delivery is done free of cost.

Advantages of buying wedding rings for women online

When it comes to the advantages of buying wedding rings for women online, there are so many that they cannot be listed. But still to be precise, here are 3 main advantages of buying wedding rings for women online.

→ You get to choose from a very huge variety and designs of rings that will fit perfectly on your finger as the ring size is also given here.

→ You get better quality rings at a relatively less rate than the markets. To prove this fact, you can do a research by yourself by taking a photo of a ring and going to a jewelry store nearby and asking them the cost of that ring. The answer that they will give you will be more than enough to prove this fact.

→All the rings that you buy online are hallmark certified and are of 24 carat gold which proves its authenticity.

Avail halo wedding rings for women and engagement rings for women

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