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Things you should in your mind while buy Engagement Rings for Women

Buying an engagement ring for your partner is the gateway to a precious new milestone in life and possibly the most exciting purchases of your life.

These days, couples choose their ring together, however still many of us still want to follow the tradition and select the ring on our own, keeping the surprise factor intact. If you fall under latter section but have no idea how to choose one these pointers will help you get it right with ease –

Do –

Take your time, make a list of type of rings your partner loves, prepare and save.

Do extensive research. Put all the thought and efforts, take all the time in the world while shopping around. Once you do that it is guaranteed you will likely find engagement rings for women, she will love at a price that suits your pocket.

Don’t –

Ask for help – there is no need to feel embarrassed. Your friend and family might have done this couple of times and it is always better to take a second opinion. Search offline and online both, a thorough research can save you money on the perfect ring of your choice.

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Make sure you don’t forget to consider the lifestyle of your partner when selecting a engagement ring. In spite of active lifestyle if your partner will wear his ring all the time consider buying a bezel or half bezel ring for her as it is less likely to get caught in her clothes while working.

People generally go for diamond when it comes to the engagement rings for women, don’t do that mistake, just because diamond ring are in the trend don’t get caught in that. Almost every women dream of the moment when their partner surprises them with a beautiful engagement ring – but beautiful doesn’t always have to be diamond. Pearls, sapphires, rubies and coloured diamonds are all popular choices with engagement ring for women, you can always go for something a little different to pop the colour of love.

Don’t buy a wide band ring if she has short fingers. A wide ring can make her short fingers look even shorter, while an oval, pear or marquise shaped diamond can make her fingers look slightly longer. On the other hand, a small ring will look smaller and will get lost on slender hands and long fingers. You can always take a hint from the jewellery your partner already wears.

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Authentic wedding rings and Promise Rings for Her Are Available for Sale Online

The best way of showing your love and concern for the lady you love and want to marry her is by buying promise rings for her and gifting them to her. These rings may look very simple and normal but the value of these rings for a girl is always priceless as this ring shows that you need her in your life to make it better.


The best gift that a girl can expect from someone she loves is promise rings for her which is a symbol of pure love and also is a promise that the boy will come to marry her soon. Promise rings have been used since ages for this purpose and there is probably no girl on earth who has ever parted with her promise ring as that is so unique and special for each and every girl. When it comes to a promise it should be genuine and authentic for the other person to trust in you and these rings are actually a very famous symbol of trust on which love stands.

Where to get promise rings online

You can buy wedding rings for women thorough us the Blue Apple Jewellery from our official website. The process is very simple and easy as all you need to do here is get into our website and look for promise rings there and once you find the best one for your girl you can go ahead and buy it for her. Well promise rings are only purchased by men as they are the ones who actually promise the girl to be with her forever which is actually important as well as you see girls are way more faithful to the person they love so they will be there. So just log on to our website and find the best promise rings to gift someone you love.

The Types of Promise Rings available with us are

We mainly have 3 kinds of promise rings in our stock and they are Gold Promise Rings, Silver Promise Rings and Platinum Promise Rings. Now on these three metals we embed diamonds and stones as per your choice. We have a series of cut and uncut diamonds as well along with a wide range of diamond colours as well for you to choose from. Then there are these couple promise rings as well where you get two rings at the same cost where you and your love can have one ring each or else you can go for single promise rings for her as well.

All the jewels that we sell are certified and authentic and we also provide certificate for all the jewels that we sell online. We do this because we have a fair business and we need to be clear to our customers worldwide as this is an important part of our business as well.

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A Promise of Togetherness Forever

A promise is a declaration of your intentions and in love when you make a promise it signifies your love for that special person who hold the key to your heart. An engagement is one such promise you make with your loved one; a promise of a lifetime together, of weaving dreams of a great future together forever. An engagement is a pledge taken by a couple to take their relationship into the next level that is marriage. It is a solemn decision but filled with fun and joyous celebration with family and friends.


To mark this pledge, rings are exchanged between the man and woman but generally it is the man who proposes to a woman with a ring. And so comes the most crucial part, the selection of engagement rings for women. It’s not an easy task for sure because one has to keep so much in mind like the personality, the likes and dislikes of the person when selecting engagement rings for women and of course the cost factor too.

Go online for the best options in engagement rings

Going online is one of the best decisions you can make for selecting engagement rings for women as you will find hundreds and hundreds of stunning designs from different companies online that offer great service with exclusive designs and high quality. There are countless designs and collections to choose from for your special one. Exclusive custom made fit to size options are available for the queen of your heart in gold, platinum and white gold and generally engagements rings are supposed to be diamond encrusted and it’s not a lie “ diamonds are women’s best friend”.

When you buy online, you are assured of high standard quality product which is backed by the company with guarantee card. The gold is hallmarked for purity and so also the diamond or any other precious stone you choose. Most companies allow return policies if for any reason the product is not up to the mark. So, with all this taken care of and without the trouble and hassle of running into traffic, you can choose engagement rings for women online in the comfort of your home or from anywhere with just a click you get countless designs and collections to browse from.


This is how you surprise your lady love

If you want to pop the question to your lady love as a surprise then go online and select beautiful rings according to your taste and budget. Every ring has a description box which mentions all the particulars about the ring like the weight of the gold, carat, clarity of the diamond or any other precious gem etc; all is mentioned and also the price so whatever your budget might be, it’s far easier to browse and shop online. Many of the online stores offer great discounts and irresistible offers regularly. Save yourself the time and go online and buy engagement rings for women and surprise your love with the ring and watch her glow in happiness as she flaunts her ring.