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Wedding Rings for Women: Essential Tips and Hot Trends

If there is one piece of jewelry that a woman cherishes all her life as her most prized possession,  it is undoubtedly her wedding ring.  It is every woman’s favorite piece in her jewelry collection.  Hence,  it is absolutely essential that one picks it out with utmost care and attention.  These are some of the things that one should keep in mind while picking out wedding rings for women.


The numberof stones is reflective of the personality of the woman and the overall look she wants to achieve.  While a single solitaire is the classic go-to look for an ideal feminine look,  the more bolder personalities can go for more than one diamond. This will determine the setting of the diamond as well.  One can go for a pronged look for a dramatic overtone or a halo settingfor a royal look.  This is dependent on the budget as well.



The cut of the diamond determines its radiance and dazzle.  Princess Cut and simple round cut are the classic choices for most of the women.  However,  cuts like emerald or marquise give a more regal look to your ring.  With respect to the shape of the diamond,  themore unique looks come from unconventional shapes like pear or heart shapes.


The most common metal for wedding rings is usually platinum or white gold as it compliments the sparkle and radiance of the centre stone especially if it is a single solitaire ring.  However,  one can also go for yellow gold as it provides a rather feminine and dainty look expected for wedding rings for women.

While there are many other things that need to be kept in mind while choosing a wedding ring for a woman,  these are the essential factors that have to be considered.  With these factors sorted,  one can simply choose the ring which will be perfect for every woman.  While wedding rings are an extension of your own personality and should reflect your uniqueness,  it never hurts to indulge in hot trends once in a while.  Thus, here are some of the hottest trend in wedding rings for women.

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For people looking for a bold statement piece,  the double or triple halo is a perfect fit.  It gives a bold look that exudes grandeur and royalty.  Co loured Diamonds are also a huge hit these days.  With respect to the shape of wedding rings for women,  the heart shaped ring is making a great comeback.  Alternatively,  the pear-shaped ring and the marquise cut are also gaining cult status especially among Hollywood celebrities.  Apart from the conventional platinum and white gold,  rings in the feminine hue of rose gold are  picking up in the market.  However,  the hottest trend these days is customizing the band with initials of the partner or with romantic quotes like ‘A perfect fit ‘ or ‘The beginning of forever’.  This personalized memorabilia of love is our favorite trend of wedding rings for women.

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Things you should in your mind while buy Engagement Rings for Women

Buying an engagement ring for your partner is the gateway to a precious new milestone in life and possibly the most exciting purchases of your life.

These days, couples choose their ring together, however still many of us still want to follow the tradition and select the ring on our own, keeping the surprise factor intact. If you fall under latter section but have no idea how to choose one these pointers will help you get it right with ease –

Do –

Take your time, make a list of type of rings your partner loves, prepare and save.

Do extensive research. Put all the thought and efforts, take all the time in the world while shopping around. Once you do that it is guaranteed you will likely find engagement rings for women, she will love at a price that suits your pocket.

Don’t –

Ask for help – there is no need to feel embarrassed. Your friend and family might have done this couple of times and it is always better to take a second opinion. Search offline and online both, a thorough research can save you money on the perfect ring of your choice.

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Make sure you don’t forget to consider the lifestyle of your partner when selecting a engagement ring. In spite of active lifestyle if your partner will wear his ring all the time consider buying a bezel or half bezel ring for her as it is less likely to get caught in her clothes while working.

People generally go for diamond when it comes to the engagement rings for women, don’t do that mistake, just because diamond ring are in the trend don’t get caught in that. Almost every women dream of the moment when their partner surprises them with a beautiful engagement ring – but beautiful doesn’t always have to be diamond. Pearls, sapphires, rubies and coloured diamonds are all popular choices with engagement ring for women, you can always go for something a little different to pop the colour of love.

Don’t buy a wide band ring if she has short fingers. A wide ring can make her short fingers look even shorter, while an oval, pear or marquise shaped diamond can make her fingers look slightly longer. On the other hand, a small ring will look smaller and will get lost on slender hands and long fingers. You can always take a hint from the jewellery your partner already wears.