claddagh promise ring

Show Your Love by Gifting Claddagh Promise Ring to Your Dear One

Rings are represented as the token of love and it shows the amount of love that other person has for you, but claddagh rings are a little bit different. It is traditional Irish ring given by people to their loved ones, which reflects love, loyalty, friendship etc. The ring contains such design in which two hands are shown holding a heart, which emphasize on friendship, whereas the heart indicates love, and the crown indicates loyalty. The design of claddagh promise ring and customs related to it took birth in a fishing village of Ireland, named as claddagh which is situated outside the old city walls of Galway. The first ever piece of claddagh promise ring was made in 17th century and since then, people consider them as the best option for gifting their lover in order reflect their inner emotions.

While claddagh rings are often used as a friendship ring too, they are very popularly used as engagement rings and wedding rings. There are numerous emotions that can be conducted with the help of claddagh promise rings like to let love and friendship rule, even these rings can also be given by mothers to their daughters, grandmothers to granddaughters etc. If you can express so many emotions with these rings at once then why don’t you use it for making a promise to your lover for staying with him or her forever? But the only question here is, where can you buy these rings from? Well, Blue Apple Jewelry owns a wide collection of claddagh promise rings and it will present you with numerous options that will stun you.

Claddagh Promise ring

All of these rings are designed by experts and made up of excellent quality of material. You can browse thousands of option on our website and order the best pick according to your choice. All you have to do is make the use of the internet which has made everything convenient for you and through it, you can easily connect with Blueapplejewelry. The product will be delivered at your place without causing you any kind of trouble and without any delay. Online shopping has granted us a different kind of peace which can only be understood by those who have wasted their time in looking for something which they get. But you can save your time and energy both while shopping through Blue Apple Jewelry.


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