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Tips for Buying a Promise Ring for Your Girlfriend

Whether you want to show some commitment towards your partner or noticeably mark your future engagement, or any other promise you want to make, buying a promise ring for her is no doubt a most beautiful way to do it. Generally couples exchange promise ring as a way to express their love for each other and tae the very first step towards their wedding in the future.

It is extremely important to choose the right promise ring for her that best portraits your emotions. Apart from that, she will be wearing your gifted this ring every day and will show it to her friends and family. Therefore, choosing the right ring is far more important than anything else.

Claddagh Promise ring

Let us list down some tips that can help you choose the right promise ring for her.


Today, the promise rings for her are available in different metals and designs, therefore whether you buy the ring from an online jewellery store or any local market metal you choose plays an important role. The metals used for the promise rings include yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, sterling silver and platinum to name a few. You can choose different style and design according to your budget. You need not to spend a fortune to get her a trendy and classy-looking promise ring.


Generally, promise ring features a heart symbol. But there are many other designs available in the market today. Solitaire rings make an everlasting jewellery trend. They look chic yet elegant. Among the young couples these days’ eternity bands are in vogue. You can consider buying a three stone promise ring; the three stone on the ring signifies your love and connection for her in the past, present and future.


Diamonds are the most preferred choice, when it comes to rings. If you are looking for a diamond studded promise ring, you will find a huge selection both in offline and online stores. In case your budget is restrained, don’t worry. There are hundred other stone available that look equally beautiful and elegant and yet cost only a fraction of the diamond ring.

You can go for cubic Zirconia or a gemstone promise ring. Gifting her birthstone promise ring is also an astonishing idea. These are available both local and online in different settings and looks great. Apart from these stones, the promise rings are available in a huge pallet of colours. With a little research you can easily find a gemstone promise ring that fits perfectly in your budget.


Make sure you know the difference between the promise ring and the engagement ring before you go out to buy one. If your promise ring looks somewhat like an engagement ring, she might get confused and think you are actually looking forward to propose her officially and clearing her doubt may end up hurting her feelings. Therefore, it makes sense to buy promise rings for her that not even a percent look like an engagement ring.

If you are still not sure which promise of ring you want to buy for her, stop by at and our wide range of promise ring will definitely help you find the ring of your dreams

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Heart Shaped Ring For The Women Of Your Dreams

A ring has always been a symbol of devotion and love for years now. In past few years, however, couples are putting all the emphasis on buying a “perfect” engagement ring for them – which symbolizes more than just love, but also their personality, commitment and relationship.

People are investing in unique styles and custom designs that replicates their individual tastes. This trend has given rise to the demand of more unique diamond colours and cuts, including the heart cut diamond ring in pink.

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Pink Heart Diamonds

An engagement ring should be romantic, fancy and feminine, a pink heart diamond ring being an unusual choice, is more than just perfect for the right woman. Pink diamonds represents creativity and femininity, and also endless and resilience affection, which definitely makes this heart shaped diamond an excellent choice for a bride-to-be. A woman adores men, proposing them with a pink diamond ring; it is something they find romantic.

Pink diamonds are very rare and are considered a “fancy” colour. They are listed among the some of the most sought after gemstones available today. One can find pink diamonds engagement ring in a variety of designs and shades—from a purplish-pink to an intense blush to pale, and in between many other hues.

A Unique Brilliance

Whether you plan your engagement outfit with a pink sapphire or a pink diamond, a heart shaped diamond cut beautifully highlight your engagement dress. Since, you opt for a fancy pink stone, why not you try a fancy heart shaped cut.

Generally the heart shape is designed to maximize the yield capacity of a diamond; this is the reason why the heart shape is considered a “fancy” cut. Fancy shapes, like emerald, pear, or heart cut stones generally consist of a high number of distinctive facets, infusing the diamond with fire which gives this unique shape a gorgeous sparkle. Heart rings for her offer one of the most brilliant faceting patterns in the fancy shapes, making for a shape that is as stunning as it is unique.

In almost every setting a heart shaped diamonds look stunning and breathtaking. So it doesn’t matter whether you go for a three stone, a halo, or a solitaire, design, pink heart rings for her you invest in will be an amazing and astonishing piece of jewellery that will make you stand out in a room full of people – perfect for every bride to be.

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These weddings rings will do more than just making your woman happy

Marriage or wedding is one of the biggest events in anyone’s life. Especially a girl weaves a lot of dreams about her future and her marriage life, since her childhood. That dream of marriage starts with a wedding ring. It changes her whole life when she decides to dedicate it to her future family and husband. She leaves everything behind only on a hope of getting everything perfect and love of his new family. Well, marriages are more of a charade of fancy other and ceremonies in India. The beginning of all this starts with a wedding ring. A wedding is the first impression that you can make on your woman. It is the token of love or hallmark of your love on the fingers of your beloved. Well, you should make that impressive, shouldn’t you? After your proposal or wedding, everybody wants to see your wedding ring. Women are more attached to the gloating that follows after the showing off of wedding. If you want to make that count and make your girl proud then you must choose your wedding ring wisely, after considering all the options that are available.

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Now this is the time when you should know that wedding rings are also available online. Oh yes, you heard it right. Wedding rings are now being sold online and you can search such websites online easily. There is vast variety of wedding rings for women available on these websites which have excellent quality and astonishing design. You can choose the design which is suitable for the personality of your beloved. Now you don’t have to waste your precious time, wandering here and there in search of a perfect wedding ring. This is one of the most important tasks in a marriage and you should never do it wrong.

You will never find a design which is similar to other, every ring is uniquely design and it carries a separate identity of its own. These wedding rings for women are designed by known designers and carry an elegant design. They look very attractive and they will grace the occasion. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to hear the appraisal of your choice of the ring from all those who see it? Well everybody wants to choose a ring that good. That is why you should directly approach these websites for making a wonderful choice of your wedding ring.

Apart from making it easy and convenient for you to buy a ring, these websites caters very lucrative deals and offers. They trade these rings at very reasonable prices and don’t mistake the quality with the amount of money you have to pay. You can open up these websites anytime you want and you can place the order for these rings. Those will be delivered at your doorsteps and they have a returnable policy too. All you have to do is to move your fingers and place the order for your perfect ring. You can buy wedding ring for women very easily now.

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Make Your Wife Happy With Sterling Silver Earrings

Falling in love is one of the greatest experiences of all time. We all want to make that feeling even more special and when we really fall in love. Many of us like to name our relationships or put a label of our relationships with the help of earrings. Now, if you are trying to represent your deep love with the help of one tiny piece of jewelry, then you must do it with something special. That something special can be an attractive earring on the ears of your beloved.


Buying or shopping, if we correctly are one of the life greatest charms but not for everyone. Many people consider it a waste of time and they would prefer doing it by sitting at their home and doing it without any rush. Online shopping is like a boon for all such people who are sick of the hustle in shopping. If you are very confused and you cannot decide what type of earring you should buy, then you must try it online. You are going to get a pretty good idea about the trending designs and unique silver earrings.

Silver sterling earrings are in too much demand these days because people are going crazy about silver. They want silver accessories with every single outfit of theirs. In that case, if you want to choose the most appropriate earring for your beloved, then you must also try sterling silver earrings. There are various websites which are selling different designs of sterling silver earrings which are thousand in numbers. You will definitely get a match for you and your beloved at these websites. You can sort out the list according to your needs and you can browse a lot of spectacular designs.

You just have to find your favorite earring and you can easily place the order. It is just a matter of few clicks, no more wasting time and getting frustrated if not getting what you truly want. You can place the order and the product will be delivered to you. The earrings are made with high quality sterling silver and you will find a single complain about it. You will find it as same as it is shown in the picture. The prices are very reasonable and you will also get fine offers from time to time on these websites.

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Do Things Little Differently- Buy Claddagh Promise Rings

We all know that promise rings represent our love and our commitment towards our partner. Often lovers buy promise rings to each other for proposing each other. That is why promise rings have become very common, even the wedding rings have also become a common phenomenon. But some of you might want to do something differently and think out of the box than traditional wedding rings. Well, if you want something extraordinary then claddagh promise ring is the best choice for that. Claddagh rings are Irish rings which reflect your dedication towards your lover and you will never fail to make an impression on your lover. These rings are the best alternative of regular engagement rings and your lover will absolutely love them.

Claddagh promise rings are very close to the hearts of Irish people because it had been used there since last 400 years. Rings are the embodiment of your commitment and love towards your lover, and nothing represents it better than a claddagh wedding ring. With time, the availability of thousands of designs of these rings for men and women has made it even more popular. The most common design for this ring is, a heart which is crowned and held up by two hands. This beautiful piece will add more spice to your love life.

Claddagh Promise ring

Claddagh promise rings are made up with a lot of emotion and creativity. The designs will leave you stunned and you will never find anything even near to these rings. These are the perfect way of showing your life long loyalty towards your partner like nothing else.  Although there various stories behind the generation of claddagh promise rings but no matter which story is true this ring is always special for those who are truly in love. This epic representation of love is now available online and you can buy your favorite one among the wide choice.

You simply have to use the internet and you will find plenty of websites which are selling claddagh promise rings at reasonable prices. Now you don’t have to waste your time in searching for a unique wedding ring when you can just order these rings online. The shopping through the internet has become very convenient these days and with easy returnable and money refund policy. You will never be disappointed if you order impeccable claddagh promise ring.

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Picking a Wedding Band That Works With Your Engagement Ring

You should choose a wedding band and an engagement ring that complements one another without being too matchy-matchy. Let’s list down the pairings that work well together and useful tips for picking that will help you choose unique and beautiful combination.


  • Simple Solitaire –

Whether the cut is round, emerald, or princess — is the most protean style to match. While the bauble looks lovely along with nearly any wedding band, it is highly recommended to pair a thin pave diamond band with a simple solitaire for an added dose of sparkle and beauty.


  • Colored Stone –

If you planning to buy an engagement ring that features a colored stone in the centre, look for a wedding band that also incorporates that gem. A smart choice is investing in a band that alternates between white and coloured gemstones as it coordinates, and also never competes with the engagement ring.


  • Unusual Shape –

Uniquely and unsual shaped engagement rings have seen a trend and are widely accepted in recent years. So, it is important to choose wedding bands that complement and completely go along with the curves of the engagement ring so that the pair will lay flush on the finger.

wedding bands


  • Pavé Band –

You will see this Pave Band engagement band trend widely recognized in last couple of years. So, for your wedding bands, make sure you choose a thin band that goes along with the engagement band and should be of same metal, but opt for a style that compliments the colored stones.


  • Stand-Out Design –

Some engagement rings when worn alone command more attention. If your engagement ring falls into this category, go without the traditional band completely, for the ring exchange part of ceremony use your engagement ring. But if you still want yo buy a wedding band select an equally stunning and eye catching band to wear on the right hand.


  • Vintage –

Vintage inspired rings often feature engraving, filigree, and other detailed and complicated designs. If that’s teh case give your ring pairing a cohesive feel by investing in a band that compliments the best design element from the engagement ring, such as the engraved flowers.


  • Three Stone –

If you have a three stone engagement ring then go for the wedding band that features the similarly cut gemstones as it will compliment the shine of the engagement ring on your hand.

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Things you should in your mind while buy Engagement Rings for Women

Buying an engagement ring for your partner is the gateway to a precious new milestone in life and possibly the most exciting purchases of your life.

These days, couples choose their ring together, however still many of us still want to follow the tradition and select the ring on our own, keeping the surprise factor intact. If you fall under latter section but have no idea how to choose one these pointers will help you get it right with ease –

Do –

Take your time, make a list of type of rings your partner loves, prepare and save.

Do extensive research. Put all the thought and efforts, take all the time in the world while shopping around. Once you do that it is guaranteed you will likely find engagement rings for women, she will love at a price that suits your pocket.

Don’t –

Ask for help – there is no need to feel embarrassed. Your friend and family might have done this couple of times and it is always better to take a second opinion. Search offline and online both, a thorough research can save you money on the perfect ring of your choice.

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Make sure you don’t forget to consider the lifestyle of your partner when selecting a engagement ring. In spite of active lifestyle if your partner will wear his ring all the time consider buying a bezel or half bezel ring for her as it is less likely to get caught in her clothes while working.

People generally go for diamond when it comes to the engagement rings for women, don’t do that mistake, just because diamond ring are in the trend don’t get caught in that. Almost every women dream of the moment when their partner surprises them with a beautiful engagement ring – but beautiful doesn’t always have to be diamond. Pearls, sapphires, rubies and coloured diamonds are all popular choices with engagement ring for women, you can always go for something a little different to pop the colour of love.

Don’t buy a wide band ring if she has short fingers. A wide ring can make her short fingers look even shorter, while an oval, pear or marquise shaped diamond can make her fingers look slightly longer. On the other hand, a small ring will look smaller and will get lost on slender hands and long fingers. You can always take a hint from the jewellery your partner already wears.